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The New Year is almost here!  Most people say they are going to "get in shape" this year or "lose weight" or "exercise more regularly."  Now is the time.  And it couldn't be easier to access my professional, expert workouts wherever in the world you live.  Now we can workout in your living room, office, dorm, garage, park, beach...I have led millions of television viewers toward healthy living on my television show, Kiana's Flex Appeal ESPN and am excited to motivate you too!  Now with the help of the internet and streaming, my Gym is NOW ONLINE!  Now you can peak into my Gym and follow along with weights, wherever in the world you live, from any device (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone.)

I am excited to announce my new Flex HIIT Training Methods to help you stay youthful, energized, reduce fat, increase lean muscle!


Reverse the Aging Process with my new Flex HIIT Training Methods: a challenging fusion of strength training, cardio, agility drills and compound moves.

How?  As we age, we lose appx. 1% of muscle per year.  Our bone strength weakens.   Our metabolism slows down.  We basically get softer, rounder and shorter. Yikes!  To fight this, you've GOT TO LIFT WEIGHTS AND WORKOUT. Cardio alone will not yield you these results.

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How do Kiana's Flex HIIT Workouts help slow the aging process?

FACT: As we age we lose muscle mass

FIX: My Flex HIIT Strength training methods can help preserve and actually increase lean muscle mass. 

You cannot increase muscle with out strength training.  Cardio alone will not add muscle.  It may help you reduce fat, but then you're left with a thin, flabby body or aka "Skinny Fat."

FACT: Metabolism slows down which can cause weight gain


My Flex HIIT Workouts are one of THE BEST Ways to INCREASE YOUR METABOLISM so that your body burns calories more efficiently and your body keeps burning more calories long after you've stopped working out.  Flex HIIT routines are high intensity interval training with a twist.  You will do 4-5 exercises that include caridio, compound moves, agility drills, plyometrics and core.  Basically, your body will burn more calories even while your sleeping!~

FACT: Memory gets worse and our brains don't work as well

FIX: Flex HIIT Workouts are like crossword puzzles for your body

My parents love crossword puzzles.  Their doctor told them to do them to keep their brains working. I incorporate agility drills and compound moves which require you to remember various exercise patterns and moves to strengthen your body and brain at the same time.

FACT: Many people appear shorter when they age as their shoulders round forward

FIX: My Flex HIIT Training Methods focus on key stabilization muscles and exercises that strengthen the postural muscles.

FACT: You hit a plateau where you stop seeing results

FIX: My Flex HIIT Methods provide a fresh, new & challenging routine each and every time.   This keeps your muscles guessing so that you get consistent results.

Kiana's eGym

What is Kiana's eGym?

An online portal that gives you access to my Gym, ONLINE.  You get LIVE weekly workouts.  You can browse 500+ fitness videos, classes & exercise tutorials.  Log on and take a class or learn a new exercise to keep your workouts fresh.  Many group instructors and personal trainers use our service this way.  There are moves for all levels.  Suitable for all ages.

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