Pre Post Workout Meals

What's your go-to pre & post-workout meal? My go-to pre-workout meal is oatmeal mixed with an egg white, microwaved, topped with blueberries, toasted almonds and unsweetened Greek yogurt. My post-workout meal is a serving of fish with 3 cups raw baby spinach drizzled with olive oil & apple cider vinegar.

TIMING: Timing your meals is important too. I eat my post workout meal within 30 minutes of training. I sip water all day, 1/2 my body weight in ounces. I eat breakfast as soon as I wake up because my body needs energy after hours sleeping. I eat 5 small mini meals every 2-3 hours, that contain protein, healthy fats and low carbohydrates, to keep my blood sugar levels even and weight consistent. I also eat 1 Muscle Meal per day at lunch or dinner. A Muscle Meal, as I call it, is basically a larger version of my Mini Meal 🙂 I’ve eaten like this ever since college bodybuilding days. It has always worked well for me. If you want to learn how to eat like this and truly make this your lifestyle, message me. Oh and the side effects are fat loss and more energy! 🙂

More ideas: Pre-Workout: Banana with almond butter. Toast with almond butter and apple slices. Greek Yogurt with fruit and nuts. Avo - toast with egg. Post - Workout: Extra-lean ground turkey meat (or crumbled browned extra firm tofu) with homemade taco seasoning on crunchy romaine lettuce (lettuce tacos). Grilled boneless skinless chicken breast with avocado, salsa & steamed veggies. Sashimi and salad. 1/4 cup Baked chickpeas on kale salad. Albacore tuna on salad.

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