Aloha! Want a real PUMP? When’s the last time you did 21’s? SAVE this for later! #oldskool I love doing 21s at the end of a bicep workout. it’s a great way to #burnout your #biceps Perform a #tripleset of 3 bicep exercises x 7 reps each, 1 set immediately after the other - ✔️Starting position: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, shoulders back and down, knees slightly bent to protect the lower back, abs tight. - 1. Bottom Curls: keeping your elbows tight next to the waist, perform 7 curls on the lower half only, stopping when forearms ate parallel to the floor. - 2. Top Curls: perform 7 reps of top half curls in a limited range of motion, stopping when your forearms are parallel to the floor. Exhale as you curl. - 3. Full Curls: Finish off with 7 reps of traditional curls, moving in a complete range of motion. Because you have already completed 14 repetitions of strict curls this will be VERY challenging. - Try it and let me know how you do! 💪🏼🌴

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