Increase flexibility, circulation, blood flow and post-workout recovery with my Stretch & Flex Straps.  Easily perform assisted stretches without a partner and do Pilates style workouts, too.  Simply position the hands or feet through the strap, grab the reinforced loop(s) to stretch the hamstrings, lower back, triceps, biceps, thighs, calves, quadriceps.  Versatile and Strong enough to pull heavy sandbags across the gym. 

Why Stretch?

  • Improved athletic performance
  • Reduce injuries due to muscle tightness
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Enables your muscles to work more effectively
  • Increase blood flow to the muscles

The Issue

Too often, our muscles become too tight. This can happen from simple things such as sitting for prolonged periods of time which can lead to tight hip flexors, which can result in back pain.  Stress from our daily lives can leave us feeling tight & tense.  At night, we toss and turn and often don't get a good nights sleep. This piraformis stretch below is excellent!

How To Use

Use my Stretch Straps for just 60 seconds or less on various muscle groups and feel more relaxed.  Enjoy relief from tight muscles and tension.  Use for just 5 minutes a day & your athletic performance can improve & tight muscles can disappear! Breathe into the stretch, hold and enjoy the relaxing feeling while you increase blood flow, flexibility and energy!

The Fix

Stretching is a wonderful way to easily erase muscle pain, lengthen muscles and promote relaxation.  With my Stretch Straps, you can enjoy the benefits of stretching, no matter how flexible or inflexible you are.  By stretching after you workouts when your muscles are warm, you can improve flexibility and promote healthy muscles.  Stretching at night before bed time, helps you to relax so you sleep better.

Free Stretch Strap E-Book
With every purchase of my Stretch Straps you will receive a FREE Stretch Strap e-Book which includes recommended upper and lower body Stretches. This will be delivered straight to your inbox after purchase. Aloha!

High Quality, Durable, Non Fraying, Heavy Duty

Made of high quality, non fraying, heavy duty nylon webbing.  Extremely durable straps with reinforced stitching and a 1400-5500 lb. breaking strength.  2 inches wide x 6 feet long.

Can also be used for pulling sandbags, sleds, partner exercises.

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