Simple Weight Loss Tip

When is ur Largest meal? 🥘 Aloha Flex Appealers! Here’s a Simple way to lose a little weight or maintain.-🌴This is a super easy tip! I’ve done this for many years. It makes it easy to control your caloric intake, portion control, lose weight or maintain your current weight.-⚡️🌴 I eat my largest meal for breakfast or lunch, taper the size of my meals as the day goes on. I stop eating 2 hours before bed to avoid going to sleep with extra calories. I divide my total calories for the day into 5 to 6 mini meals, (again largest meal is early).⚡️🌴-💪🏼🤙🏼Bonus points! if you select fresh, nutrient-dense foods as opposed to processed foods or foods with empty calories.-To help make this simple for you I have some brand new recipe books with simple meals 250 to 300 cal each that are fun to make for the whole family!-⚡️If you need to lose 20 pounds OR MORE please email me or via my CONTACT FORM for more information regarding a new simple program that results in 8 to 15 pounds lost per month. Clients are losing 10-100 lbs. seriously. It’s the same program my husband Dennis did to lose 25 pounds in 7 inches off his waist in a month and a half. $50 off today only if you’re interested do not wait to get started and enter 2021 feeling and looking your best EVER!-Have a healthy happy day! Sending you positive vibes and warm aloha! 🌴👙☀️

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