Olympic Park Official U.S. Olympic Training Site

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Utah Olympic Oval and Utah Olympic Park

Fun Day Trip, See Bob Sledding, Ski Jumps, Olympic Memorabilia

This was a fun way to enjoy a few hours. We planned to visit after dog sledding. I highly recommend this to you and your family. It’s easy to get to, great parking and inexpensive. It’s in a central location, not a long drive at all.

Olympic Park

It was fun to see the Olympic memorabilia, the Gold, Bronze and Silver Medals

A treat to see them upclose 🙂

Loved seeing the Costumes from the opening of the Olympic Games!

When I was a little girl, I learned to Ski in Utah, it was so special to visit here with my own family.  My mother used to buy me pins from every ski resort we went to. This snowflake was extra special.  Can you guess why? Yes, it is made up of all the special pins!

Lots of things to see!

Silly faces in a Bobsled!

Cute smiles of Anelalani my 15 year old

Holding the Olympic torch!

In addition to all the above fun, you could do the virtual reality rides and skiing, walk over the watch the athletes practice Ski Jumps, checkout the the Bobsled racing and the sky high obstacle course! Hope you can visit!

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