Back to Basics 30-day Plan

Question: Hi Kiana, how do you get back into the rhythm of working out after taking a break? Thanks. Aloha this is a terrific question! I get asked this a lot.  First don’t be hard on yourself - life gets busy other things take priority. But the fact that you’re asking is a big step toward improving your health. 

The key is to make it a HEALTHY HABIT. Make exercise a routine, just like brushing your teeth every day.

Why? As we age it’s more important than ever to exercise regularly.  Being healthy can prevent future health issues, prevent injuries and improve your quality of life by making daily activities easy and increasing your energy & endurance.

Many of my clients are even off blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Living a healthier lifestyle transcends to other areas of your life too. Clients have given up smoking too.

That being said the easiest way to get started is with my Back to the Basics Workout Program. This program is ideal for beginners or people who have taken a break from fitness. 

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