If you’re an all or nothing type, skipping a training day may seem like you’re slacking off. Quite the opposite. Rest days are equally as important as a regular training routine. I find it very hard to rest. I sit for a few minutes and then I'm up rearranging furniture. I think I get if from my mother, she could never sit still either. Resting is something I have worked hard on and NOT feel guilty about. I always think I need to be doing something, being productive, working.

7 Reasons to Take a Rest Day from Exercise

  1. Spend gym-guilt-free days with family. Days off give you and extra hour or 2 do visit, play, hang out with the family
  2. Give your muscles, nerves, bones & tissue time to rebuild & rejuvenate. You’ll be stronger when you get back to training the next day and be fresh!
  3. Training, lifting weights, cross-training takes tremendous focus and mental strength. Taking a day off not only gives your body a break but your mind too
  4. Diversity in workouts and life. If you’re the type of person who eats, breathes, lives for working out (hm, who would be like that?) taking a rest day encourages you to enjoy diverse hobbies. Right now, the kids and I are loving to hand tie-dye shirts, masks etc. We make healthy desserts, play with the dogs, have mini Ohana concerts with the ukulele, piano, & do silly TikToks.
  5. Work - it. Get ahead on work or finally tackle that new project with the extra hour normally spent lifting.
  6. Prevent burnout and prevent hitting a plateau. Too much too often can make you burn out and not want to train anymore. You want to shock your muscles to get them to grow and change. Doing the same thing all of the time will cause you to hit a plateau. Just as I recommend for you to change your workouts each time you train, keep your muscles guessing with days off.
  7. Cross Train: On days off, go for a walk, ride your bike, tennis, skateboard, swim…

Don't feel guilty about taking a rest day. You'll be refreshed! Hit it hard the next day.

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