“the energy you put into the universe comes back to you!”

Kiana on EXTRA

Want good vibes? Want more positive energy? Living a healthy lifestyle includes your mindset and attitude, not just your physical body.

Today, I challenge you to change your way of thinking to get more positive energy flowing your way!

☀️If you are a ray of sunshine in other peoples lives, make others feel better just by being with you, bring a smile to others, spread laughter and leave the room a better place than when you got there, then you are creating positive energy! Positive energy snowballs quickly bringing more positive energy to you!
On the other hand, if you constantly see faults in people, dwell on the negative in any situation, criticize others, put other people down in attempt to try to lift yourself up, you will bring more negativity and criticism to your own life. I am sure we all know this type of person who seems to attract one bad situation after another. Like that peanuts character with the dark cloud over him.

Ever notice when you’re feeling good, or you’re really excited about something, more good things seem to happen to you and around you? You attract more positive energy!

On the flip-side, if you’re in a funk, you complain more, which causes others to join you, drama pops up. Argh. The Negative spiral.

⚡️Today I want you to pay attention to the energy that you are giving off & around you.

Quickly bypass trivial negativity, don’t even acknowledge it or give it any importance at all. Instead, focus all of your energy on the positive things going on around you and your positive feelings.

The goal is to bring as much positivity and good energy from the universe in those around you

Limit exposure to negative people who drain your energy. Spend more time with people who make you feel energized, who are supportive and see the glass as overflowing!

Try to do something nice for others every 2 to 3 hours. It could be something as simple as a nice text to brighten somebody’s day. Give somebody a sincere compliment.Smile & Hold the door open for somebody. Buy somebody a cup of coffee. or make your kids favorite meal.

After you try these few things I would love to hear how your day went!

Sending you positive vibes, happiness and a big smile always!

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