Del Mar Race Day

What a fun day on Sunday at the Del Mar Race Track!

Every year we have a suite and get together with 50 of our closest friends. lol. It is really fun to see everyone at this super fun yearly event.

It was so fun to drive my new Porsche to San Diego, CA. This gorgeous Miami Blue is a belated birthday gift to myself 🙂 I renamed the color to : Maui Blue 🙂

This year we had a best hat contest, which my hubby didn't tell me about until the night before. So I headed to the local craft store, Michaels, and made my own. I added Hawaiian colorful silk flowers, starfish and mesh glitter ribbon to a sun hat I had in the closet.

Even though I only had a 1 night to design my hat, I think it turned out really cute!

I almost wore this newsboy cap, I couldn't decide. I love when my day consists of decisions like this!

The day reminds me of my UCSB & UCLA college days as it starts with a pre party in a hotel room suite, party bus to the event and then the party in the suite.

It's 2 days after the event and Im still tired from that fun filled day! In addition to all the fun people, the day is really special because they plan so many games complete with great prizes: Nordstrom gift cards, movie packs, lots of cash! We ended up winning a little money but had a crazy fun time!

Have you been to the races?

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