Planned exercise such as lifting weights or going for a run is different than an active lifestyle. You can be more active every day by approaching your daily routine from an active mindset. This means going through your normal day, doing the same things, but choosing to be more active while you do them. These are things that I have done for years & still do every day no matter how silly they may sound to you. 😉Every activity adds up.   The benefits of exercise & activity are cumulative. A little extra activity here and there is a simple way to boost calorie burn. 💪🏼

Here are 15 simple ways to increase your daily activity

  1. Make phone calls while you walk around the neighborhood, yard or home, instead of sitting at your desk
  2. Do walking lunges & bicep curls while you bring the groceries in from the car. Yes I really do this and yes my kids think I’m crazy 😜 
  3. Do Calf Raises while you send texts
  4. Do wide stance squats and calf raises while you brush your teeth (i’ve been told I have really good calves it’s probably because I brush my teeth 2 to 3 times per day which means I’m doing a lot of calf raises every week😉)
  5. Do oblique isometric holds while you sit in a chair, tipping your pelvis up from side to side bringing the chest and shoulder down toward your hip
  6. Plank while you text
  7. Stretch while you watch your favorite TV show (Kiana’s Flex Appeal?)
  8. Play music while you clean the house and look at it as cardio
  9. Set an alarm on your phone to go off every hour. Stand up from your desk, stretch, walk
  10. Skip the car wash, wash your own car and get a tan while you’re doing it😎
  11. Park in the furthest spot from your destination to walk more & prevent door dings
  12. Take the stairs (I’m so competitive that when I see people waiting for the elevator I cannot help but try to take the stairs and beat them to the top) 
  13. Wash your dog often & vigorously
  14. When you get dressed, stand up & focus on posture & balance while you put your yoga pants on, instead of sitting on the bed to get dressed
  15. At Public places, Don’t just wait in line, do kegels 😆 sh. Don’t tell!

-Make it a healthy day! Keep Flexing!


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