7 Ways to Spice Up Your Walks and Walking Workout | Download

Walk this way.

Aloha Flex Appealers!  Here are 7 ways to spice up your daily walks!

💪🏼Weights: Add hand weights and do curls, shoulders presses & front raises while you walk to sculpt your shoulders and arms (Download my Walking Workout here: https://kiana.com/walking-workout-download/

🌴Intervals: Walk at a regular pace for 2 minutes then fast walk for 1 minute

☀️Body Weight Walk: Stop at every park bench and do push ups, dips or step ups

✅Sprints: If you’re walking where there are fences or posts, sprint to the 10th post and walk 10

🦋Lunge Walks: Alternate walking for 5 minutes and do walking lunges for 1 min

👑X Walks: Alternate walking for 5 minutes and then stopping to do 1 minute of jumping jacks, jog in place, push ups, split squats, etc.

🌱No Tech Walk: Un plugged workout: no phones, no music. Instead, enjoy the sounds of the birds, the wind, the ocean, the dirt under your shoes. How many of us  have walked while texting or plugged into tech?

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