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Riviera Maya

Chichen Itza or Chicken Pizza as the kids call it!

Kiana Travel RM Chichen Itza

Even though we live at the beach, going to another beach across the country is a fun option. We took the kids to see 1 of the 7 Wonders of the world: Chichan Itza or as they call it “Chicken Pizza.” We hired a private car and driver to take us there, about 3.5 hours away but worth it. Driving thru the Yucatan Jungle, make SURE you have ROAMING on your mobile phone in case of an emergency. Remember, there’s NO AAA in the Yucatan Jungle! Chichan Itza was really impressive. It was much larger than I expected and you could feel the history just standing next to it. You used to be able to run up the steps. Not any more since it started to crumble.


  • It’s a drive, but worth it. I recommend MAKING SURE you confirm it’s an air conditioned private car, taxi or tour bus. We opted for a private car because we (um, okay I) didn’t want to be held to staying out there for 6-8 hours with a group. I wanted for us to be able to leave when we wanted to go and stop along the way to see the Cenote and buy souveniers if we saw a small town. The Hotel offers tours and all sorts of options.
  • Bring your own cooler back pack loaded with ice and water. Bring an umbrella to shield from the sun.  Wear a scarf you can soak in water when you are walking in the hot sun. When we went in June, it was over 100 degrees. Much to hot for my mom and mother in law. They stayed back at the hotel. You are in the jungle, only shade is under a tree. Really hot. We could have sold all of our water to the tourists who weren’t prepared.


Fun for the Whole Fit Family
Fun for the Whole Fit Family

Visit Tulem

Tour the ruins puzzle maze and hike to the ocean view cliff. Tulum was built late in the thirteenth century, during what is known as the Mayan post-classic period. With a little imagination and knowledge, the ruins become a giant puzzle waiting to be pieced together.

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