Summer is in full swing! and so is my PRIVATE CLIENT “SUMMER SHAPE UP” program! This program will slow or reverse the aging process by helping you lose weight, increase energy & get healthy!

We’re not letting our busy lifestyle, unsupportive people  or negative self talk, slow us down or stop us from improving our health!  

I am gearing things up to bring you the most efficient, & customizable experience to ACHIEVE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS GOALS.

My PRIVATE CLIENT training starts as soon as you sign up. This Program brings you 3 decades of experience, simple weight loss program(s) & proven workouts to keep you motivated to get you tight, toned and strong. Many Clients have gotten off medications, reduced inflammation and created healthy habits to last a lifetime.

In just 12 weeks, I can help you lose weight, reduce fat, increase energy & get healthy! 90 days is the magic number to total body transformation!

There are limited spots available — sign up now!!

Signing up as a Private Client, means you get everything you need to adopt healthy habits and kickstart a lasting transformation:

Simple weight loss program: options for whole food or Fueling Kit with grab-and-go options that are perfect for busy people.

12-week training program designed by me specifically for your goals, equipment and schedule.

Workouts tailored to home, gym or both using your available equipment. Routines created around your specifications & limitations.

Easy to follow online training platform or on my members only app with monthly training calendar, video demonstrations and exercise descriptions, sets and reps so you know exactly what to do

Exclusive access to my Private Client Coaching business line to text for support or advice, 30-day check ins and more!

Why do this? 

  • To get healthy
  • To increase energy
  • To take control of your body & mindset
  • To make a positive change
  • If you’re unhappy every time you look in the mirror
  • If you feel uncomfortable during swimsuit season

Take control of your health and your quality of life and sign up to be a PRIVATE CLIENT!


My husband, Dennis, lost 25 lbs. & 7″ off his waist in 1 1/2 months. I’m so proud of him! “I sleep better, my back doesn’t hurt anymore and I have so much more energy! This program worked for me because it is so easy! If I can do it, you can!” Dennis

Tami lost 28lbs! “This Program has changed my life 100%! I haven’t felt this great in years & have a ton of energy.  This has been the easiest journey for me and I’m am thankful for Kiana for her guidance and help.”

57 year old Dale lost 46 lbs. & 8.5″ off his waist, reduced body fat by 9% & lowered his metabolic age by 4 years in 7 weeks. 

Carol lost over 37 lbs. & kept it off! “This is the ONLY program that has worked for me, and I have tried them ALL! I have I have so much energy! It’s so easy, I take the fuelings with me everywhere I go. It’s a sustainable way of life.”

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