The Kiss

Aloha Flex Appealers! I had to share this special touching moment between my daughter, Anelalani, and her horse, Lucky. Anelalani has been horseback riding since the age of 2. She is happiest around her horse.

She just finished high school and like all seniors, very disappointed to have missed senior prom, grad night, and graduation ceremony. We know things could be much much worse but I still wish she and her fellow classmates could have experienced those times. Do you remember your prom and grad night?

I am so happy she finds so much joy with her horse. Anelalani will be going to college to be a large animal veterinarian and has achieved straight As since elementary school. She ran track and played on the basketball team. I just encouraged her to start an online business during the quarantine. She is a very talented artist, she will be customizing Nikes and Vans - when it's up and running I will let you know. I am so very proud of her!

mommy like daughter. outtake from Kiana's Flex Appeal footage in between training segments

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