Day with Mom Tom

My mom and I have always been super close. She is the 1 person I can tell anything and she always supports me. She has accompanied me to Hawaii zillions of times to film Kiana's Flex Appeal and always brings such great energy. Unfortunately, last October, she suffered a stroke. She has been doing well on her road to recovery but it's hard to watch her feeling frustrated and depressed since she's not the way she used to be. She has been working really hard on her speech and physical therapy. Good news Is that her neurologist recently told her that he didn't need to see her for 6 months! Instead of their weekly visits 🙂

After returning from 2 weeks in Maui, we visited mom. She was so happy to see us, we had lunch, & she gave us a tour of her artwork at her home.

So proud of her. She loves to travel. She went on an art trip to Burma and painted this there

Mom sculpted this beautiful alabaster nude abstract. It was featured in an art show at Sammy Haggars home in Dana Point, CA

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