You've reached your weight loss goal! You have established healthy eating habits & made being active your new way of life! I am so happy for you! It's time to transition back to whole foods, while EATING HEALTHFULLY, being ACTIVE, maintaining your new weight & living a HEALTHY FIT LIFESTYLE!


You will want to transition to the 3 & 3 Plan (3 Fuelings or Mini Meals AND 3 Lean & Greens or Muscle Meals) per day.  Eating 1 Mini Meal, Fueling or Meal every 2.5 hours as part of your new healthy lifestyle and to keep your blood sugar levels even.  The number of calories to maintain weight per day is your BMR or basal metabolic rate. You’ll want to follow our 6-week transition phase prior to starting the 3 & 3. The idea behind the transition phase is to gradually increase your calorie intake over time while reintroducing a wide variety of foods. You will transition to the Flex & Lean for Life Program, strength training 3-5 days per week (weights or body weight exercises), and walking daily. I’m excited that you have a new healthy lifestyle! This is how I’ve eaten all of my life, except I call them Mini Meals and Muscle Meals.  


  1.  Calculate how many calories you need to MAINTAIN your new weight with my Calorie Calculator
  2. Eat every 2-3 hours as part of your new healthy lifestyle, consuming a combination of Mini Meals (150 calorie healthy snacks), Fuelings AND Muscle Meals. Most clients keep Fuelings on hand for convenience and fast nutrition. 
  3. Refer to sample transition meal plans here
  4. Choose from recommended recipe ebooks below. Mini Meals have appx 100-150 calories and Muscle Meals follow the whole food guidelines of the Lean & Green Meals. Choose a variety of foods to equal the number of calories needed to maintain your new weight
  5. Familiarize yourself with your plan’s food groups, which include a combination of fruits, dairy, starches, proteins, fats, and vegetables.To add variety, select foods from our Healthy Food Exchange List
  6. See all meal plans and recipe books here
  7. Questions? Schedule a phone call or Email us here


Order my Fit Cooking Book

My go-to recipes that I make all of the time. It’s easier to eat healthfully when you have a collection of recipes.  Over 150 pages of my favorite recipes: main dishes, sides, appetizers and guilt free desserts. Easy clean up, high in protein, energizing complex carbs & veggies.  I am happy to autograph it for you too!  My new Cooking Book V3 will include nutritional breakdowns!


  • Strength train 3-5 days per week to maintain lean muscle mass and slow the aging process. I love using dumbbells (below)
  • Continue your daily walking for a minimum of 7500-10,000 steps per day. I use a pedometer (below)
  • Stay hydrated by drinking a minimum of 64 oz of water per day to flush toxins and stay healthy. I like my water cold (see below)


Want something more CUSTOM?  I now offer TEAM KOA* Kiana Custom Training & Coaching to keep you on track. Support & advice when you need it via text & email. Get a workout plan tailored to your fitness goals, lifestyle, schedule and available equipment. I coach clients virtually so you can live anywhere in the world and we can work together. *KOA is Hawaiian for Elite Warrior

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