Take the Fit Mom TV 90 Day Challenge!

Get Fitter Than Ever.

Lose Weight. Gain Muscle. Melt Inches Off Your Stubborn Fat Areas.

Join the Fit Mom TV eGym! Access Award Winning Workouts for Women - Online

Train around your busy mom schedule and get amazing results!

Our fitness & nutrition program delivers amazing Fat Burning & Body Toning Results

Your Membership Includes:

  • 90 Days of Unlimited Workouts
  • Easy Whole Foods Detox Meal Plan & Clean Eating Food Guides
  • 100+ Healthy Recipes
  • Access to recorded LIVE Fitness Classes led by Kiana Tom Broadcast from her Gym
  • Access to 100's of on-demand videos & tutorials for all fitness levels
  • Lots of Motivation & Support


Includes Unlimited Access to the Premium Sections of the Website! Healthy Recipes! Food Guides! LIVE Broadcasts! Rebroadcasts! Tutorials!

Follow the LIVE Online Class Schedule or Train At Your Own Pace!

Workout ANYWHERE in the WORLD using your INTERNET CONNECTION from ANY DEVICE: PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone!

Workouts & Tutorials 5-60 minutes in length! We have the workouts that will fit your busy schedule!


Get fit and healthy.  Reinvent your body and your mindset.


"I lost 8 lbs. in only 8 classes!" Rachel. "I lost 20 lbs. already and threw out all my size 18 jeans! Exercise feels like my normal way of life now!" Tina. "I had never worked out. Now I train 3 days per week and never miss a workout!" Louise. "I lost 20 lbs. and for the first time in my life, have toned, defined arms! I owe all of this to Kiana's workouts!" Vikki. "I had over 20 hip surgeries from childhood on. I have dramatically strengthened my core functional muscles safely!" Julie

 Take the Fit Mom TV 90 Day Challenge! Lose Weight. Gain Muscle. Melt Inches Off Your Stubborn Fat Areas. Get Fitter Than Ever.



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