Tami | Lost 30 lbs.
Tight Tummy

"This Program Changed My Life! I've Lost 28 Lbs. & Feel Better Than I Have In Years! This Has Been The Easiest Journey For Me! I’m Thankful For Kiana & All Her Guidance & Help. I Saw Results The 1st Week & Was So Motivated To Keep Going! Kiana’s Programs Have Been Life Changing For My Husband & For Me. Not Only Have I Lost Weight, I Have Also Reduced My Body Fat By 8%!” Tami did our 90-day Fit Mom Fueling Kit & Custom Workout Program

Sonia | Athletic Director
Reduced body fat 8%

“Kiana’s Program Has Been A Lifestyle Change For Me! I’ve Learned To Love Weight Training In Addition To Cardio. Kiana Has Showed Me How Often I Need To Fuel My Body To Achieve The Results I Want.” Sonia and her hubby did our 90-day Fit Mom Fueling Kit & Custom Workout Program

Jodi | Nurse & Mom
Dramatic results

“I've Been Training & Following Kiana’s Workout Routines & Nutrition Advice For The Past 10 Years With Success! Kiana Is A Constant Motivator & Always Encourages Me. Kiana Truly Cares About Her Clients & Wants Them To Feel And Look Their Best. Feeling & Looking Healthy & Strong. I Have More Confidence & I Feel Great!” Jodi did our 90-day Fit Mom Fueling Kit & Custom Workout Program

Rachel | Mom & Former Flight Attendant

Dramatic results in her midsection and definition. Rachel did our Fit Mom TV Classes & healthier eating.

Pricing TABLE



$ 69
  • 30-day workout plan
  • Your choice of meal plan
  • Accountability & support
  • Coaching! Access to Fit Mom Hotline for unlimited advice
  • Free 15 minute consultation with Kiana


$ 99
  • This time-tested, best selling, flagship transformation program will help you change your habits, your health, your body composition & mental outlook for the long term.
  • Complete 12 week workout program
  • Easy to follow online or members only app
  • Exercise demo videos so you know what to do
  • Meal plan, all recipes & grocery lists
  • 1-on-1 Coaching with Kiana & Fit Mom Team
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Accountability & support
  • Optional: Upgrade to the 90-Day Fuel Food Essentials Kit to accelerate your results.


LOSE 8-15 LBS.
$ 430
30-day Kit
  • Convenient Grab n go Meal replacements to eat 5 times per day. Perfectly balanced in calories, protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats. Vitamins, minerals, probiotics to support metabolism. Coaching & support included.
  • 30-day Fit Mom Workout Plan to tackle common trouble areas for women. Easy to follow online or app. Includes: training calendar, exercise demos., sets & reps so you know what to do, coaching
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Access to Fit Mom Hotline for unlimited advice & support

Not sure which program is best for YOU?

Schedule a call with me and I will give you a health assessment and recommend the best program. You can think about it or get started right away. Stay fit, Moms!

WHY the program works.

How the Program works

The simple program balances blood sugar levels, resulting in weight loss & energy gain. You adopt healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.


There are 3 key components as to why this Program works:


1. Coaching: professional coaching support & advice to keep you on track. Step-by-step instructions. Daily, weekly, monthly check-ins as you progress toward your goals.

2. Fuel Food Kit: The Program is based in science & offers balanced carbohydrates & protein macro nutrient rations. All healthy food included. Each day, you eat 5 of our perfectly balanced meals & make 1 simple healthy meal you get from the grocery store. 30-day supply of grab & go options available for busy people.

3. Create Healthy Habits: you will learn & adopt healthy lifestyle habits to help you lose weight & keep the weight off thru simple behavior adjustments & lifestyle change


Clients are losing weight, reducing body fat, lowering their metabolic age, feeling & looking younger, getting off medications, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, sleeping better, reducing stress, increasing confidence & self esteem, & adopting healthy habits to last a lifetime. I hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to lose weight, & get healthy. Kiana 🙂