Fit Quickie: Basic Crunch for a Flatter Tummy

Training abs doesn’t have to be a long tedius process. Select 3 exercises and do 1 minute of each for 3 rounds.  This is a wonderful basic crunch.  Make sure to tip your pelvis under so that your lower back is pressed firmly into the floor or bench.  The starting position is with your shoulders …

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Flab to Fab – CBS Health Workout

Flab to Fab Fat Blasting Workout for Women I was so excited when CBS Health contacted me to create a fitness video for their 6 million viewers. It’s called, Flab to Fab!  These are exercises aimed at reducing body fat, blasting calories and strengthening your legs and butt.  You can do these workouts at home, …

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Got 5 Minutes? Tighten Your Tummy

If you like this, try the Fit Mom TV Online Gym Live workouts and 100’s of videos to choose from.  Train along with us “live” or at your own pace. [bs_button size=”lg” type=”info” value=”Learn More” href=”http://fitmomtv.com/online-workouts/”] Share this… Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Linkedin Email

Exercise: Plate Crunches

PLATE LUNCH CRUNCH – Ab Exercise I’m loving right now. Starting position: Hold a weight plate or dumbbell in your hands, legs / body at 90 degrees, shoulders slightly off floor, abs contracted, pelvis tilted under so your lower back is firmly against the floor. The Move: Exhale as you press plate upward toward the …

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