Simple, Healthy Meals
in Kiana's Kitchen

Aloha Flex Appealers! Just as I taught on Kiana's Flex Appeal, fitness & eating healthfully is a lifestyle! I am excited to make things easier for you by sharing my favorite healthy recipes! I have received hundreds of requests on social media for "simple, fast, healthy recipes" so here you go! Enjoy!

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Eat Clean. Stay Lean.

Kiana's Fit Cooking SHOWS

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Join Kiana and Executive Chef Eldon, winner of the Iron Chef competition as they make easy & exotic dishes you can make at home. 

Recipes the Ohana will enjoy! Recipes for kids & teens! Itemized grocery lists included with all Meal Plans!

Protein Shakes & Smoothies
"Fitness Queen" Access Hollywood

I’ve made tens of thousands of smoothies and protein shakes. Here are my faves.

Buff Babe Breakfasts

Start the day of energized! Rev your metabolism!

Buff Babe Breakfasts

I love breakfast!  I always eat it. Never ever skip it. Think about it, you’re body is starving while you’re sleeping. You need energy. Plus eating breakfast keeps your metabolism high so you become a fat burning machine!

I have a yummy collection of quick protein shakes & on the go breakfasts and lazy weekend brunch dishes. Have a healthy active day!

Muscle Up Main Dishes

Modified to include more veggies & lean protein, less fat & sodium.

Main Dishes

I love cooking for my Ohana. There was a time in my life when I was filming Kiana’s Flex Appeal, traveling 2 weeks of every month, that I never – ever cooked. Didn’t even own pots, pans, or salt / pepper shaker. (I’m serious!) I had a cook, maid, driver, etc. I taught myself to cook and learned from my mom who is an excellent Chinese cook. Dad made killer steaks. Now, I just love love love cooking and enjoy modifying family recipes to be healthier: higher in lean protein, healthy complex carbs, lower in fat & sodium. Aloha!

Guilt Free Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts that have nutritional benefits


I love ending my meal with a sweet treat. But I don’t like white sugar or empty calories. I hope you love my healthier desserts that have nutritional benefits, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, lower in sugar and fat. I use juicy organic fruit, natural sweeteners like organic honey and stevia a plant extract, replace oils with apple sauce and healthy coconut oil. Aloha!

PuPus and Side Dishes

Relax and enjoy healthy appetizers while dinner is cooking. It’s a wonderful time spend time with your Ohana & share about your day.


Pupus means appetizers in Hawaiian.  My family and I love enjoying appetizers at sunset. We play the ukulele, watch the sunset into ocean, share about our day. 

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