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Recent Fitness Posts

Benefits of Massage

Did you know? Not only does massage increase circulation, reduce stress and tension, but may also reduce Anxiety, aid Digestive disorders, help with Fibromyalgia, Headaches,

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12 Benefits of Walking

12 Benefits of daily walks Better cardiovascular health, mental health and mood Helps with weight loss Boosts immune system, reduces sugar cravings and stress eating

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Sky High Trampoline Park

ACTIVE FAMILY FUN! BIRTHDAY PARTIES OR ANYTIME! Jumping! Running! Smiling! Trampoline Park! Rock Climbing! Bull Riding! Location: Big Air Trampoline Park Where: Laguna Hills, CA

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Get Strong. Fit. Lean. With Fit Mom TV LIVE! Get instant Access to 100s of workout videos for all fitness levels. Beginner to advanced. 15-60

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Fit Mom Tip: Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing helps to reduce appearance of cellulite, unclogs pores, improves circulation, improves lymphatic drainage & excretes toxins that become trapped in the skin. The

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Piriformis Stretch

Got back pain? Try the Piriformis stretch Feels so good. The Piriformis muscle is located in the gluteus Maximus (butt muscles), spasms which lead to

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FORM MATTERS Any type of lunge: walking lunge, static lunge, reverse lunge, front lunge, reverse lunge kicks… The most important thing to remember when performing

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Tips: Top 5 Foods For Your Hubby

To be our fittest selves possible, we must exercise and eat healthy foods. But, what foods are best for men? A few months ago, I posted “Top Foods for Women.” Here are the “Top Foods For Men.”

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Get Strong Shoulders

Fit Mom Erin powering through Plate Raises for the shoulders with a 25 lb weight plate! Wow!–How to: Wide athletic stance. Knees slightly bent. Core

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Get Fit & Sexy

Get Fit & Sexy for February! Sign up and take Online Fitness Classes from the Fit Mom TV Fitness Studio! Train wherever in the world

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Wrist Curls

This episode was filmed at Disney World, Florida at the Wide World of Sports.  On Kiana’s Flex Appeal,  I designed a workout segment called Neglected

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3 Moves in 1

Curl • Press • Hops 3 moves in 1 Tones your booty, shoulders & arms Starting Position: Stand with your feet shoulder width. Weights in

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Fitness Made Simple

#1 Rated Award Winning Workouts The Premier Digital Online Gym Sculpt a beautiful sexy body!  Reduce body fat! Flatten your tummy!  Tighten Flabby Arms!  Firm

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Yoga Shmoga

The only time I did yoga was when I was 7 months pregnant. It was a wonderful stretch, slower paced and great core workout, but

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Printable: Abs

The keys to a flat midsection & sculpted abs are proper diet, doing exercises that engage your core along with specific abs exercises and changing

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