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Lose weight. Increase energy. Get healthy.


Choose from programs that fit your dietary requirements, lifestyle and budget. Check out the best selling “Fast Fuel Kit” to lose 8-15 lbs. per month, reduce fat, slim your waist, increase energy, confidence & mental outlook. Coaching & healthy food included.


As we age, we lose all important lean muscle. It’s imperative to strength train to stay young, strong, prevent injury & be active. Browse programs that meet your fitness goals, available equipment, lifestyle & budget.


This is the best of the best package.  Most popular & best selling. You will completely transform your body, your mindset & your lifestyle. Includes healthy weight loss food kit, coaching with Kiana, progress tracking, custom training plan, step by step guidance. Fast, safe results that last. 


Lose 8-15 lbs. per month. Get healthy. For all ages & all levels

Jodi: Lost 25 lbs.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the weight loss phase. Expect to lose 8-15 lbs. per month on our 5/1 program. Healthy & convenient grab & go food kit included that offsets your regular grocery bill by 5 meals per day. Light walking only during weight loss phase (or 50% of current exercise program)

Kiana Tom

Phase 2

In this phase you will start all important strength training increase strength, sculpt & tone all over. You will learn the basic strength training moves that can be done at home or in the gym. Easy to follow online or on our members only app. Sets, reps & video demonstrations so you know exactly what to do. 

Kiana Tom FRUIT

Phase 3

Phase 3 kicks in when you have reached your weight loss goal.  This phase is the transition phase, designed to help you reintroduce all the whole foods you love AND keep the weight off by reinforcing the healthy eating & exercise habits you mastered in Phases 1 & 2. Coaching & guidance provided. 


Our training is designed to take you from a beginner to advanced level.  Easy to follow online or members only app.  Sets, reps & video demonstrations so you know exactly what to do. Text Kiana on her business line for support & advice when you need it.


Learn the basic strength training moves that are the foundation to any fitness program.


Advanced training including drop sets, loaded sets, giant sets, triple sets.

Level 2

Training variations added to your strength training program to help you sculpt a well balanced physique and add increase variety.

Level 5

Introduction of HIIT training, AMRAP, plyometric, burnouts, speed reps.

Level 3

Intermediate training techniques introduced. Changes in stance, reps, sets. Introduction of super sets, rep speed, grip changes.


This phase is for those completing all levels. Includes custom training plan every month. Text Kiana directly on her business line for support when you need it.



Satisfaction that speaks

“Kiana Helped Me Find The Fountain Of Youth!! I Feel 10 Years Younger! This Is Really How I Feel!”
Athletic Director
"I’ve lost 38.6 pounds, 7″ off my waist & down 7% body fat in just over 1 month. I've even lowered my metabolic age by 4 years!"
“Kiana’s Programs Have Been Life Changing For My Husband & For Me. Not Only Have I Lost Weight, I Have Also Reduced My Body Fat By 8%!"
"Tennis Player of the Year" Athletic Director
"I Lost 62 Lbs. And Have Kept It OFF! My Sister Is On The Program & She Has Lost 42 Lbs. So Far!"
Fire Chief
"I Lost 55 Lbs. & 13 Inches Off My Waist! I Now Workout 2x Per Day And Love It, Just Like I Did 25 Years Ago! I Owe You!" Update: 10/28/21 Ian Has Lost 58.5 Lbs. & Gotten Off His Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Medications!
"This Program Changed My Life! I've Lost 28 Lbs. & Feel Better Than I Have In Years! This Has Been The Easiest Journey For Me!"

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