Get strong. Get lean.
Get healthy.

Log on. Get fit. I am bringing the gym to you. Train anytime, anywhere with my hundreds of workout videos and workout plans tailored to your fitness level and goals. Everything you need to get your dream body & improve your health & fitness.

Stay fit from home or gym

Tailored Plans

Custom programs designed around your exercise history, body / fitness goals, available equipment

Easy to Follow

Simple to follow online or on the member's only app. Monthly training calendar, exercise demonstrations, sets & reps so you know exactly what to do.

Stay Accountable

I am notified when you complete your workout for the day

Trainer Support

Fitness advice, answers to your questions, support & motivation via chat or text to my dedicated Client line.

How it works is so simple

Download The App

The Kiana Fitness App has your custom workout, exact sets & reps, monthly training calendar to keep you on track.


Meal plan, all recipes, grocery shopping guide included for Private Clients. Easily accessible on your smart phone or PC.

Start Working Out

Log on to the app or online. Click start and you're ready to start training! Log the weight used to monitor progress & tap finished when done!

Workout videos & classes for any level & goal

Online Streaming Classes included for all Private Clients. Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight, or simply stay in good health, you can find a variety of workout videos & group fitness classes. Get your workouts in anywhere in the world you are, on any device! Stay consistent and get your workouts done!

Amazing Results

Programs for men & women of all ages & all fitness levels.
Easily access and follow your workout program complete with exact sets, reps & video demonstrations so you know what to do.
Your Program is designed to help you reach your weight loss & fitness goals. Meal plans included or upgrade to the Weight Loss Food Kit sold in 30-day supplies.

Join & be a Private Client

Sign up & download my app and get in the best shape you’ve ever been in, from anywhere in the world you live!  Complete 90-Day Transformation Program $175/mo

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