POWER Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

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Semi Custom Recipe that I love to make in 10 minutes. These are the best Pancakes I’ve ever had. I love the texture, the healthy almonds and dried fruit, too! Enjoy!

Fit Mom Thanksgiving Menu

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Spread the alohaTweet Aloha everyone! I love Thanksgiving and always try to bring a little Hawaiian flare to the family meal. Here is my Thanksgiving Menu! All of my family recipes are Fit Mom ified to be lower in fat and calories and sugar and higher in taste, protein and complex carbs. Hope you enjoy …

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Pumpkin Cake

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Spread the alohaTweet  Pumpkin Cake So Easy.  Kids Love it! Make a Pumpkin Cake batter from scratch or buy a box mix from Trader Joes, Sprouts or Whole Foods.  Pour into Pumpkin pan that is sprayed with non stick.  Bake according to instructions. Serve with Greek Yogurt (rich and loaded with muscle building protein!) Serve …

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Spider Snacks

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Spread the alohaTweet No explanation needed  🙂 Save Save Save Save

Fruit Flag Kabobs

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Spread the alohaTweetFruit Flag Great for parties! Memorial Day! 4th of July! Any Day! Fun to make and fun to eat! The other night my daughter and I made this fun, festive Fruit Flag! It was so easy and fun to make together. I’m always looking for healthy treats to make that teach my children …

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Get Fit & Sexy

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Spread the alohaTweetGet Fit & Sexy for February! Sign up and take Online Fitness Classes from the Fit Mom TV Fitness Studio! Train wherever in the world you live! Access from any device! Moms will never look the same again. [bs_button size=”md” type=”info” value=”LEARN MORE” href=”HTTP://EGYM.KIANA.COM”] REAL MOMS. REAL RESULTS.   Save

Recipe: Tomato Feta Salad

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Spread the alohaTweetPerfect Salad for any meal I love this salad! It’s easy to make and super healthy! Fast & Fit! (By the way, who wants to cook in a hot kitchen in the summer? NOT ME!) Here is a delicious SIMPLE healthy recipe that I love! It’s a wonderful salad to go with any …

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Volcano Pancakes

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Spread the alohaTweetDo you love pancakes? You will love this recipe! My family loves pancakes!  The only thing I don’t like about traditional pancakes are the empty carbohydrates and lack of protein in pancakes. But, I fixed that!  Here is a delicious and FUN recipe your whole family will LOVE! My kids make these with …

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5 Must Try Dark Chocolate Recipes

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Spread the alohaTweetYou had me at chocolate. 5 Favorite Chocolate Recipes No guilt sweet treats. Ever the over achiever 🙂   Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bites Fun to make for the whole family. I love this for a guilt free dessert!   Dark Chocolate Tofu Pudding Tofu ramps up the protein factor and makes it …

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Dark Chocolate Bites

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Spread the alohaTweetChocolate makes everything better. Guilt-free. Dessert with benefits 😛   I made these for my Fit Mom Party and everybody loved them. They are simple to make and only take about 15 minutes to prepare, 30 to cool and harden. So they are an ideal make ahead dessert.   The only kind of chocolate …

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