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Protein Keto Candy Recipe

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Spread the alohaTweetProtein Candy: Healthy Chocolate Truffle Recipe Guilt free chocolate fix. Protein, healthy fats, no sugar added.  Ready in 20 min. Protein Candy is a guilt free, healthy treat for you and your family. A simple recipe you can make in 5 minutes, passive while it’s freezing for 15 minutes. Can you imagine eating …

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Lazy Morning Maui Breakfast Potatoes

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Spread the alohaTweetLazy Weekend Breakfast Potatoes Yawn. :O Relaxing on a lazy weekend is good for the soul.  Sometimes, my family and I take a lazy morning and stay in our PJ’s til noon.  It’s rare, but it happens.  I usually make a huge breakfast that includes my family favorite Breakfast Potatoes. Hope  you and …

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Recipe: Hawaiian Grilled Chicken

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I’ve made tens of thousands of chicken breasts in my fitness days…here is a simple recipe that your family (and waistline) will love! It’s tasty, low in fat, high in flavor!