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Spread the alohaTweetFIT FOOD LIFESTYLE Aloha everyone! Hope you’re having fun this holiday season! With a brand new, shiny, fresh New Year coming our way, now is a wonderful time to make simple adjustments in our lifestyle to live healthier. Fad diets: Don’t believe in them. Never been on one. They’re named fad diets because …


10 Terrific Tips for a Fit Holiday Season

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Spread the alohaTweet10 Tips to Have a Fitter Have Yourself a Fitter Little Fit Mas Aloha everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the festivities for the Holidays! Wanted to share some of my favorite simple fit lifestyle tips to help you stay energized, destressed, healthier and avoid dreaded holiday weight gain – all while having a fun …

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3 Tips to Blast Belly Fat

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Spread the alohaTweet3 Tips to Blast Belly Fat! Exercise: Shoot for 30 minutes, 5 days per week. Nutrition: Eat more fiber. Studies show that people who eat 10g of soluble fiber per day build up less visceral fat than others. What is 10g fiber? 2 apples, 1 cup peas, 1/2 cup beans. Sleep more: Studies …

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Best time to Stretch

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Spread the alohaTweetThe best time to Stretch is AFTER your workouts when your muscles are warm and flexible. Stretching helps increase blood flow, improves flexibility, range of motion & decreases your risk of injuries.

12 Benefits of Walking

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Spread the alohaTweet12 Benefits of daily walks Better cardiovascular health, mental health and mood Helps with weight loss Boosts immune system, reduces sugar cravings and stress eating Can help prevent diabetes through improving your body’s use of insulin Contributes to continued mobility into advanced age Social activity with friends and family anywhere Helps you to …

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