All races matter. All people matter. Black, yellow, white, purple. Rich. Poor. We are all equal.

I’ve Been having intense conversations with my 2 daughters & my 92 yr old mom.  n Hawaii, there is discrimination against white people or “howlies” as locals call them. Growing up, my howlie boyfriend was taunted by the locals.  In the Calif beach towns I’ve lived in, there are very few asians, black People or any other races. Predominantly White

My parents, experienced racism their whole life & were brought up to “deal with it and don’t cause trouble” As a little girl, When I was teased, called a Jap & “slant eyes” they told me it’s “just part of life & there’s nothing you can do about it”. (I know right!?) I distinctly remember a white neighbor boy from Texas, calling me A Slant Eyed Jap. Crying I told my mom, who told his father,  who beat him with his belt.

Both my parents are of primarily Chinese decent. they were repeatedly mistaken for Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  When they corrected people, they were told “it doesn’t matter Chinese, Japanese you’re all the same!” Mom always said “Consider the source!”

My father served in the US Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, relatives perished in the bombing. Mom & her sisters Wore “I’m Chinese” buttons so they weren’t mistaken for Japanese. My father was repeatedly beaten at school

When they were 1st married, they couldn’t rent an apartment & were told the apartments were “rented,” Only to see caucasians rent the apartment.  When they went to restaurants, they were seated “in the back, next to the bathroom” instead of in the front where they “might be seen.”  Years later, Dad made sure we had the best tables in restaurants & stayed in the best hotels staying in Frank Sinatra’s & Elvis Presleys suites in Vegas. He would point out “look the white people are sitting in the back, next to the bathroom.”

When we moved to CA, I was surrounded by blonde hair blue eyed Kids, I used to cry myself to sleep “wanting to look like them.”  Little did I know later I would truly love being different & NOT looking like everyone else. 

Have U experienced racism?

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